Jill Ayn Schneider’s deeply momentous and timely memoir recounts her story up until her present age of 75. Beginning with her mindful and grounded upbringing since the age of two, by Benolia Thompson, her African American, part Cherokee and part German-Jewish housekeeper, she was guided in a holy direction for her search for Truth. Set in the upward country club mobility of suburban New York City, she observed a life that didn’t feel real. Public school educated in the 50’s and 60’s, graduating with a teaching degree from The American University in Washington, DC gave Jill Ayn a exceptional foundation of an acceptance of the growing dissent from the civil rights, women’s and anti-war movements sprouting profusely at the time. Picking up a guitar during the summer after graduation in 1966, she learned from the folk/protest activists of Peter, Paul and Mary, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Judy Collins, Pete Seeger, Joni Mitchell etc., all being popularized on radio and TV. Her original songs included in this Audiobook unfolded in the middle 70’s and continue to this day. She can still play it like a pro, even a duet with Bo Diddley on You Tube in 1984. Her producer, Howie Hersh, is thrilled to guide Jill Ayn to implement her recording process in her Blue Ridge Mountain home studio on her own. Living at 3,700 feet supports a consciousness steeped in awareness of all that is going on at this time. She feels the impetus now to buckle on down and get the show on the road. Revolutionaries do not live under anyone’s control, they are lithe and slippery enough to wiggle their ass out of danger. This outrageously honest motivational memoir will impress and motivate you to get a free consult from her and move forward by learning how to find your own Revolutionary Healer. And many parts of what Jill Ayn expresses will make you think and even laugh your ass off.

Author, Intuitive Healer and Medium:

Jill Ayn Schneider, BA, LMT is the Director of Circle of LIfe Holistic Programs in Burnsville, North Carolina. In 1975 she walked away from harsh treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and instead healed herself of MALIGNANT CERVICAL CANCER, using Oriental Medicine of acupuncture, diet, herbs, yoga, all while camping out in a jungle in Venezuela and hiking in the ANDES mountains of Peru for six months. Since then she has kept herself very much alive, youthful and dedicated to staying healthy and vibrant on all mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual levels.
Jill Ayn Schneider’s story of healing herself  was recently mentioned in Radical Hope by Dr. Kelly Turner, Ph.D., NY Times best selling author of Radical Remission. These two books are based on her evidence-based research into 10 Healing Factors that have never been studied before.
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*Working with Jill has been both enriching and enlightening. Her years of wisdom come through in every word she speaks. She has helped me to feel confident in my decisions and build trust in my own intuition. Jill truly cares about her clients and is passionate about empowering them to find the light within. Our weekly calls felt less like a business transaction and more like confiding in a trusted friend. Every call I walked away feeling optimistic, hopeful and inspired. If you’re looking for a conscious leader and friend to empower you through your journey, she’s the one. Thank you Jill!

Jade Mendenhall, Los Angeles 4/20

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