Jill Ayn Schneider, Alternative Cancer Coach,
Radical Remission Survivor

The most radical act in a sick society is to heal yourself and then help others to heal too. Anonymous

Our medical system is not to be trusted for chronic illnesses.

Jill Ayn was diagnosed with Malignant Cervical Cancer in 1975 at 29. She was told she would die if she didn’t get operated on immediately. Without any fear or hesitation, Jill Ayn told the doctor that she would take care of herself. She opted instead for acupuncture, diet, herbs, and yoga and went for a six-month hike into a jungle in Venezuela and then to the Andes mountains of Peru. Jill Ayn healed herself and gave birth to a son two years after a routine diagnosis, who has now made her Nanny Jill to two precious girls. She has also spent 35 years helping others heal with detox retreats and ONLINE coaching. She is a licensed bodyworker, nutritional instructor, and detoxification expert using fasting and intuitive coaching. 

Jill Ayn questions the success of what is offered to people with a cancer diagnosis. Too many people accept the inevitable surgery, chemo, and radiation. Get another opinion, or even two or three. If you get a diagnosis, you need to commit to changing your lifestyle and learning about easier, less traumatic, and safer avenues to bring your health back into balance. 

Western Medicine has lost the WAR ON CANCER; they have been killing people with their chemical protocols for too long.  She knew this in 1975 but had to wait OVER 40 years to help others know there are options. The brainwashing by the Cancer Industry is by using fear and making the patient feel helpless. Jill Ayn’s coaching can help you to go beyond your fear and to make more holistic options a part of your complete healing process. Western Medicine’s approach is too extreme and dangerous. Functional, Integrative, Herbal, and other forms of Alternative Cancer Medicine are the present and the future. 

RAGE about medicine’s useless and even murderous protocols plays a considerable role in the truth of her healing process. Most people realize that allopathic medicine for chronic diseases is just a business, but they don’t know where else to go. I hope to find those warriors who are now ready to learn about natural healing and not allow allopathic doctors to harm them. As I researched what was going on around the world, from Wuhan to North Carolina in my little mountain town, the RAGE fired me up to feel the evil and then to spell it out as a parallel to the cancer industry. 

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Review from Lily C., who is a recent online client.

Jill Ayn has an incredible story demonstrating a life lived to the fullest. She is wellversed in alternative therapies and provides reassuring and authentic support. Jill’s energy and approach are uplifting and soul soothing. She is a very compassionate listener and honors your healing journey. Jill is an excellent ally to help navigate the tricky waters of a diagnosis. Finding her has been a blessing, and she is a fantastic resource in our healing community. 9/20/22

Audio Interview of Jill Ayn with Leigh Brandon’s 

Radical Health Rebel Podcast.


Videos of Jill Ayn Schneider,
Alternative Cancer Health Coach

Chris Wark and Jill Ayn

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What Clients Say

Jade MendenhallLos Angeles, 4/20
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Online Coaching: Working with Jill has been both enriching and enlightening. Her years of wisdom come through in every word she speaks. She has helped me to feel confident in my decisions and build trust in my own intuition. Jill truly cares about her clients and is passionate about empowering them to find the light within. Our weekly calls felt less like a business transaction and more like confiding in a trusted friend. Every call I walked away feeling optimistic, hopeful and inspired. If you’re looking for a conscious leader and friend to empower you through your journey, she’s the one. Thank you Jill!
Julie B. 2/2020
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From the moment Jill contacts you, till the moment you start your healing journey with her; you feel safe, heard, valued and hope for a more peace filled life. You learn to let go of past hurts, traumas and begin anew, with Jill as your guide.
Maritza C.10/04/19
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Jill is a gifted and attentive healer with so much empathy and experience. Her gentle and authentic manner and her expertise served me beyond my expectations. I am relieved of my pain and feel peaceful, joyful and energized, as a result. I am seeing her again this week to continue enjoying the benefits of working with her.
Marie, RNCancer Diagnosis, 2021
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Jill came into my life as a health coach to assist in my journey toward healing. I was thankful to have met and worked with her . Her confidence and her courage helped me to see the power and ability of the body to heal. I really needed that. She was very knowledgeable in healing modalities and provided me with great suggestions on resources and moving forward after a serious diagnosis of Cancer. I’m so grateful to Jill for the time we spent together!!

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