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Energy Healing for Trauma

Jill’s Healing Journey:
 While traveling in 1975 in Peru, she began her own healing journey to correct a diagnosis of Classification V – Malignant Cervical Cancer. In the markets of Cuzco (Spanish Spelling), she gravitated to the herbalists looking for special herbs to use as tea. Even though this was so long ago, Jill also remembers soaking her feet in a bath of fresh chamomille tea leaves while sitting with friends up in the mountains 2 hours from Caracas, in Colonia Tovar, Venezuela. These herbs are part of the energy frequency modalities which carry vibrations that the body craves for assistance in healing itself. 
In the early 1990’s, while working as an Activity Director at the Rio Caliente Ranch and Spa near Guadalajara, Mexico, Jill studied with a Mexican Shaman who was trained by the indigenous Huichol people of Jalisco, Mexico. 


She was given an Eagle Feather Wand and an Obsidian Stone in the shape of a butterfly by her Hispanic Shaman. Jill still uses these items to assist her in her tranference of energy, both in opening up the body’s true power, and helping the individual release any resistance for the healing to take place.

In the United States, Jill studied Energywork under Dr. Gregory Antiyuhin in 1997, a Russian MD,  Psychiatrist and Clairvoyant, whom she worked for from 1997-1999. She performed Barefoot Shiatsu Massage for LifeWorks, the clinic that was well-known in Boca Raton, FL, with Dr. Gregory at the helm.

Barefoot Shiatsu

In 1980, Jill Ayn Schneider had the privilege of studying Barefoot Shiatsu with Shizuko Yamamoto in 1980, the Japanese woman who brought this bodywork healing system to the West.
Jill has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1987. (FL #9313) Over these many years, Jill has had as few very famous clients for Barefoot Shiatsu. Mr. Bo Diddley (1982-2006), Mr. Robin Williams (1995, while filming The Birdcage) and Mr. Horace Grant (Chicago Bulls,1995), to name a few.

What is Barefoot Shiatsu? 

Barefoot Shiatsu is an Oriental massage healing technique, addressing the energy flow of the whole body. The practitioner applies pressure mostly with her feet, knees, elbows and hands to stimulate the meridian flow which can release tension, discomfort and pain in tissues and muscles. Massaging with the whole body and utilizing balance and body weight allows Jill to give a deep nurturing massage.
Jill is a very advanced Therapist, also using a table and specializing in Energy Work and TMJ protocols. She has been licensed in Florida since 1988.

Benefits of Juice Detox

Benefits of Juice Fasting Therapy

For best results, before joining any cleansing program, practice the following Pre-Fast Program for at least a COUPLE OF WEEKS. This will prepare your body for a more comfortable and a deeper detoxification process.
One of my most successful clients began to make changes about a month before she came to the retreat. She had already cleaned up her kitchen, set up her juicer and purchased a Vita Mix; so that when she returned home, she kept on eating mostly raw, drinking juices and smoothies and having one moderate meal per day of solid foods.
Breaking the fast is critical and should be done very slowly, eating mostly just fruit, steamed or raw leafy vegetables and Green Smoothies for the first few days and beyond. 
Some Practical Suggestions: 
  • Wild fish, broiled or baked, with steamed veggies and a salad; brown rice and beans, bean soup with a slice of whole grain bread, sweet potatoes, squash, fruit smoothies for breakfast, veggie burgers made from sunflower seeds and veggies.
  • Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as your body can handle (60% raw and 40% cooked is a good guideline for most people). If your digestion is very weak, you may need to eat steamed or baked vegetables.
  • Drink two raw, organic vegetable based juice a day while pre-cleansing; you may drink as much as you like. The more juices you drink, the more full you will feel and the more nutrition you will be putting into your body. Cravings will lessen. Water is a critical addition to the cleansing process. Limit snacks to fruits, nuts and seeds, vegetable juices, and mineral broths made from vegetables.
  • Eating less food will be the goal after the fast, so beginning to do that now, will make it easier on your body and on your mind. Good luck!

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