Mediumship can be very effective in working as a cancer coach. There are usually loved ones on the other side whose death could have caused cancer inflammation. Most of the time, the loved one wants the person who is sick to heal and not die at this time.

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In December 2019, I found myself a bit edgy, wanting to explore another place where I could live. I had lived in Florida for forty-six years. Florida served me well. I started in South Florida and lived in Northern Central Florida, which is very different. I raised my son, took care of my Mom and Dad until the end of their lives, spent time with my grandchildren, enjoyed many years of ocean swimming and long walks at the beach, creatively ran my healing detox business for almost thirty years, performed music in nursing homes and creating my character Annie Sunbeam for children’s parties, and took long bike rides in the wilderness of the Everglades.

About a month later, I was searching on Facebook Marketplace and saw a photograph of a golf course community in the Fall near Asheville. The person was selling a 2/2 condo which looked interesting other than the price being more than I could afford. The owner and I texted for a couple of weeks, and then he lowered the cost significantly. I flew up to Burnsville, NC, a few days later. I made an appointment with Diane Vander Linden, the realtor, who met me at the bottom of the mountain, where she parked her bright red truck alongside my bright red chevy rental. Within a few minutes, we were driving uphill on a curvy double-lane road. She pulled into a parking lot of a building on the side of a mountain.

I loved leaping out of her truck to a path and then up a few steps to this condo entrance. We first walked in, checking out the OMG view overlooking the forest from a western view. The clean and bright feel of the wood floors and even the carpeted bedrooms were all appealing and ready for move-in. The high ceilings, knotty pine framed doorways and bass boards, spacious and rustic living and dining room, and large modern eat-in kitchen all felt welcoming.

Buying a home couldn’t have been easier. My intuition played a big part. After meeting a few neighbors and some who also worked here, I mentioned that I wanted to proceed with this transaction. It felt like me, and I knew it was meant to be.

I then drove down the mountain to the small town of Burnsville to get a bite to eat at the Appalachian Java Cafe. Feeling full and excited, I walked around the corner to a local thrift shop. As I entered this little shop, I introduced myself to a woman behind the counter and asked her how she was doing. She said, “I’m not doing well at all. My father died a year and a half ago, and I’m so depressed. I can’t get over it.” In that next moment, my right hand lightly smacked my right cheek. The woman said, “Oh my God, my father used to do that all the time.” Her father told me to tell his daughter that he was fine and she needed to get over his death. Her mother was standing behind her with the biggest smile on her face. I don’t typically smack my cheek, which was proof that he came through loud and clear.

My dear friend Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, who I wrote (spoke) about in an earlier chapter, is from Haiti. Over the past fifteen years or more, she told me many stories of how she helped people by giving them messages from their loved ones. Yes, it was a bit life-changing, but I wasn’t afraid and assumed the role effortlessly. It’s not something that can be forced or even developed.

I went back to Florida with a cheerful heart. I prepared my condo for attracting a buyer and continued working in my retreat business and doing personal massage on clients. A cancer client who wanted to do my detox came from the Bahamas and brought along her sister, Terry. I noticed her sister’s eyes were glassed over. I asked her what was going on with her eyes. She said that she was losing her sight. She told me she had witnessed her doggie getting run over a few weeks ago. His name was Mikey. Mikey immediately asked me to tell her he was fine, and that the accident wasn’t her fault. A month later, Terry told me her eyesight had returned.

I had a massage client, Carol, who lived in the same community for many years. I knew her grown kids would hire me to work on them. One son I had never met had taken his life a few years before. As I massaged Carol, I saw a young man sitting on my couch, leaning forward in the “thinker position.” I took advantage of this unbelievable opportunity to gently ask Carol, “what was the name of your son who passed?” She said, “Craig.” I asked her, “Did Craig ever sit in the “thinker position?” Carol said, “Yes, all the time.” I felt Craig’s need to tell his Mom that he was sorry that he had taken his life. I said, “Carol, Craig wants to apologize for doing what he did. He is very sorry.” After a silence of about ten minutes, I asked Carol, “is there anything you would like to say to Craig?” She said, “Tell him that I love him very much.”

I moved into my new mountain home in March 2020 after selling my condo in Delray Beach, FL, for a similar price. The seller asked if I wanted it furnished since the original photos showed furniture. I say yes. That made a move so much easier. And the flannel sheets on my bed when I arrived in late March topped the ecstatic feeling of being in my new home recovering from the move. All moves carry stress.

I asked one of the movers, who was local if he could help me unpack some of the heavier boxes the next day. Kenny, pronounced “Kinny,” who grew up in Tennessee, came the next day, and as he walked into the condo, he asked, “Ma’am, do you have a Tylenol for my bad headache?” I said, “No, but if you sit here for a few minutes on my guitar stool, I can help you to ease the pain.” After about two minutes of holding my right hand on his neck and my left hand on his forehead, I got “Kinny” to breathe deeply and let go of his stress. He opened his eyes and couldn’t believe that his pain was gone. He said, “What did you do?” I explained to him that I had become interested in healing when I was told I had cancer in 1975. He said that his Mom had cancer, and he took care of her to the end of her life. Immediately, I saw a woman wearing a flowery blouse. I asked Kenny, “Did your mom like flowery blouses?” Yes, he said, “She had a closet full.” I said, “Kenny, your mom wants to thank you so much for the wonderful care you took of her during that difficult time.” We both teared up, feeling her presence at that moment.

I have a friend who recommended that I investigate chemical-free supplements called Chemical Free Body, created by Tim James. I spoke with Tim, and in our conversation about selling his product, I mentioned that I am a Medium. He made an appointment with me for the following day. That evening just before getting into bed, I saw a baseball. I didn’t think twice about it, but the next day Tim was telling me about his grandfather who had passed on, and he wanted to see if I could contact him. Guess what? As a high school lad, his grandfather played baseball and was good enough to consider making it a career. His great-grandmother did not like the idea, so he was discouraged from having a baseball career. When Tim was in school playing baseball, his grandfather would take him to practice, stay and watch and live out his dreams through his grandson. This relationship became unique, and Tim’s grandfather was a shining light in Tim’s life. During our session, his grandfather appeared to me with the biggest smile a person could have. He was so appreciative that Tim wanted to have this contact. Our session gave Tim the confidence to contact his grandfather anytime he wanted.

About two years ago, I spoke with a woman who had just been diagnosed with cancer. Her cancer was quite shocking to her. I asked her, “what was happening a few years ago?” She said, “I lost the love of my life.” Immediately, I saw a small man wearing a very red shirt. I asked this woman, did her husband wear red shirts?” She said, “I couldn’t get that red sweatshirt off of him, even to put it in the laundry.” He asked me to tell her he would love and stand by her forever and never worry about her medical situation because he didn’t want her to be with him on the other side, not just yet.

I was cancer-coaching a woman from Canada about a year ago. She mentioned that she had lost her horse a few years ago and is still grieving that loss. I saw a dapple-gray mare, very spirited and funny. I described the horse I saw to her, and she said I perfectly explained Lil.

Two years ago, I met a young woman and her mother online from Canada. They were visiting and living in Croatia taking care of the grandmother. During Covid, the grandmother broke her foot and had to go into the hospital. The daughter and granddaughter were not permitted to visit their mother and grandmother. How sad that was for them. The mother and daughter both developed lumps in their breasts, which could have been cancer. The breasts represent the mother. When we spoke, at one point, I felt someone tickling me. I started to laugh, and it turned out that my laughter sounded identical to the Grandmother’s. The Grandmother told me that she is fine and doesn’t want her family to feel sad or guilty about how her death occurred.

These are just a few of the stories about how I was able to be helpful to people by passing on information to their loved ones. I feel honored to do so.








The veil thins when entities desire communication with their loved one. Helps with total healing.

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