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Before Covid, I had a retreat business in Delray Beach, FL. People came to me one-on-one or in a small groups to learn how to detox and heal. The gorgeous setting of the ocean, great weather, and a cute little hotel where I offered the retreat. I am a licensed massage therapist, so I did the massage, some yoga, breath work, and talks along the ocean. During the fast, the client also went for acupuncture and colon hydrotherapy.

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I offered Detox Healing Retreats in Delray Beach, FL, San Luis Obispo, CA, Nayarit, Mexico, and private clients who would invite me to their locations were my great passion and business for 35 years.

Now that I’m in North Carolina, I can have some clients stay in my beautiful condo during 2020 and 2021. We walked and hiked, drank fresh juices of fruits and veggies as local as possible. I offer bodywork and coaching as well. Then I decided to do more consults over the phone, which can shift back to live retreats if anyone is interested.


Every Game in the Book is my more highly produced original song with my producer Howie Hersh. You may want to get up and dance. Do you know how magic works? One day about six years ago, I was walking around my community in Florida and met him. He was taking care of his elderly parents. I had taken care of my parents in that same community, which was why I lived there. I mentioned that I was a musician, and he said he was too. Long story short, he played bass and keyboard for Joe Cocker in the early 70s and then went on to produce for him. OMG. I invited him over to play some music together. He accused me of being Neil Young because he loved all of my original songs. Never in my life did I get complimented quite like that by a real producer. So we made a trade of me helping him a bit with his folks in exchange for him teaching me Logic Pro, getting my recording equipment set up in my condo and the rest is history. 

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Did you like this?

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Nature’s beauty is a huge part of healing ourselves. Even if you live in a city, make sure you have safe access to parks and botanical gardens to witness and breathe in the delightful feeling of God’s presence.

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Hello Self-Healers

In 1966, just after college graduation, before beginning a school teaching career, I picked up a guitar and took ten lessons. Wow! Folk music was quite popular in those years, so I had much beautiful music being played on popular radio, which inspired me to learn.