“Jill has an incredible story demonstrating a life lived to its fullest. She is well-versed in alternative therapies and provides support that is reassuring and authentic. Jill’s energy and approach are uplifting and soul soothing. She is a very compassionate listener and honors your individual healing journey. Jill is a wonderful ally to help navigate the difficult waters of a diagnosis. It has been a blessing to find her, and she is an amazing resource in our healing community.” Lily C., 9/16/22

Good afternoon Jill!! I’m happy to tell you that I’ve been doing really great since talking to you, I’m not having those anxiety attacks, and my blood pressure and glucose is not as bad. Feeling much better about myself also. Thank you for being such great motivation to me. Rose Marie, 10/04/2020
Jill, thank you for an amazing time of healing, although we were miles away, you were able to open up my mind and let me experience yours and mine own energy and help me to manage my pain. You are not only a great healer but an amazing person. Thank you. Izabela W., 10/1/20 (Distance Healing)
I will say that there are many people who were there to support my healing when I burned out. Jill, you are one of them. I thank you for the times we spent together while you put me on a short juice fast, which helped to clear congestion in my body and in my mind. Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MD, FACOG, 1/15/21
Distance Coaching: Jill came into my life as a health coach to assist in my journey toward healing. I was thankful to have met and worked with her . Her confidence and her courage helped me to see the power  and ability of the body to heal. I really needed that. She was very knowledgeable in healing modalities and provided me with great suggestions on resources and moving forward after a serious diagnosis of Cancer. I’m so grateful to Jill for the time we spent together!! Marie, RN, 2021
I recently completed a 5-day, all inclusive, healing retreat with Jill. The experience exceeded my expectations! The accommodations were super comfortable and the food, all prepared by Jill, was exceptional. My retreat included some rejuvenating bodywork and, as a bonus, some wonderful original music. All provided by Jill. I can’t say enough about all that Jill provides. Best of all, I’ve never felt better! George A., Boston, MA 2020

Distance Coaching: Jill is really someone special.  She is so joyful, positive, and happy.  When we are in her presence, we already feel this life force surrounding us!  I am grateful for the 4 online sessions we’ve had together.  Every session was different and so beneficial.  Jill has so much experience and background.  So much to share that we can learn from.  I am at the end of my healing journey from cancer, and Jill gave me the will to continue my path, calming my fears and breathing into life with happiness. Mylène, Sherbrooke, Canada, 2021

Jill changed my life completely! I signed up for juice fasting over the internet and found myself in the excellent care of a very knowledgeable woman! I had had very little contact with the world of health prior to that. I had been a frequent visitor to doctors’ offices for headaches, IBS, aches – you name it. And pills, pills and more pills without being helped. When I finished my fasting week with Jill, I felt like I had entered a new and healthier mindset! I started paying attention to health sites Jill had recommended. I changed my way of eating. Result: no more headaches, no more IBS and far fewer aches and pains. I even returned twice for more of the same wonderful care. So Jill – I can’t thank you enough for the awakening you offered me. Since then, I have become a Lifestyle Coach, a Life Coach/transformational coach and a MasterMind follower and organizer. With loads of hugs and warm thoughts!! Janet R., Sweden, 2020
This woman is very eager to get you on your way to the next phase of your life. She knows where you are and where you need to go. She uses powerful terminology that resonates with you in your particular area of focus and it rings in your mind all day long. This helps encourage the rewiring of the brain! She is incredibly powerful and talented and knows how to bring it out in her clients. Jill is an organized non-judging compassionate and loving woman. She is on top of her game and you can see that in the life she lives. She is healthy, happy, and successful. Taylor C. Dayton, OH 5/20/20
Distance Coaching: I recently enrolled in Jill Ayn Schneider’s distance coaching sessions to help me jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. Jill is a very approachable, warm, insightful person who was able to provide thoughtful analysis of my current lifestyle based on her personal experiences and research. She is very knowledgeable about living a life free of toxins, chemicals, and stress. From her coaching sessions, I learned about “self-worth” as the foundation of my living a healthy, happy life. I am learning to develop a stronger immune system, eat healthier, and decrease my stress through out the day. I have started cooking more healthy meals at home instead of relying on “take out”. I am starting to exercise more by taking walks in the morning. Most importantly, my stress level has decreased as I am learning to take more care of my self. I am well on my way to making healthier choices and lifestyle changes. Arleen P., Fort Lauderdale, FL 5/2020
Distance Coaching: Working with Jill has been both enriching and enlightening. Her years of wisdom come through in every word she speaks. She has helped me to feel confident in my decisions and build trust in my own intuition. Jill truly cares about her clients and is passionate about empowering them to find the light within. Our weekly calls felt less like a business transaction and more like confiding in a trusted friend. After every call I walked away feeling optimistic, hopeful and inspired. If you’re looking for a conscious leader and friend to empower you through your journey, she’s the one. Thank you Jill! Jade Mendenhall, Los Angeles, 4/2020
I am writing to recommend the service of CIRCLE OF LIFE PUBLISHING CO., L.L.C. and also endorse Jill Ayn (Jill Ayn Schlesinger) Schneider for her life coaching skills. I was initially impressed with Jill’s professionalism, energy, and depth of knowledge as a holistic life coach. Fifteen years ago when I met Jill in Delray Florida during her juicing retreat.  My lifestyle has changed since then, as I have been applying the knowledge gained through her services. She has taught the gratitude and appreciation for having a human body. Jill Ayn Schneider is positive and straightforward- She talks it like it is and while still being encouraging as a good coach does. Her ability to navigate her organization with various personalities and communicate her vision and mission creates movement. Jill Ayn Schneider and CIRCLE OF LIFE PUBLISHING CO., L.L.C. has my recommendation. Myriam Baron, MS, MBA, ITIL, CSM, CSPOProgram Management Consultant  4/10/2020
Dear Jill, I just want to thank you, so, so much! Do you know, just your voice brought me serenity, light and an energetic force of God’s light and pathway I need to be on. Just hearing you say my name, waking up to your healing energy, wow! I had no idea this morning but knew I needed to take your call . You have no idea! This connection is unbelievable. I am thanking God for you right now. I pray for God to keep working through you to bring continued healing to you and others. I will read what you have sent and look forward to talking with you again .God bless you richly today Jill. Thanks so much for your time this morning. Sincerely, Miriam, 2/2020

From the moment Jill contacts you, till the moment you start your healing journey with her; you feel safe, heard, valued and hope for a more peace filled life. You learn to let go of past hurts, traumas and begin anew, with Jill as your guide.

Julie B. 2/2020

Jill, I Am So happy to hear from you. Thank you for checking up on me. I have been very well since our last email communication. So much has happened since. I had my second child and got registered as an Architect. I am keeping positive, eating healthy and mediating on the Word of God. I am also talking to my family and friends about changing lifestyles and eating healthy. My oldest son is not happy about eating brown rice and vegetables, but he is slowly coming round. (I have been changing the way I cook). My husband has also made a change in his diet and he is looking younger and healthier. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your inspiring story. Thank you and God Bless, January, 2020, Amelia J.
Jill, it looks like you are well and your work continues. I look back fondly on the cleansing you helped me with almost 10 years ago. All is well. Be well. Thank you. Neil A., 12/03/19
Jill is a gifted and attentive healer with so much empathy and experience. Her gentle and authentic manner and her expertise served me beyond my expectations. I am relieved of my pain and feel peaceful, joyful and energized, as a result. I am seeing her again this week to continue enjoying the benefits of working with her. Maritza C., 10/04/19
I consider Jill to be a master healer. I have been a yoga teacher for over 20 years and a sound healer for almost as long so it’s not like I haven’t explored many modalities of healing. I contacted her after being diagnosed with throat cancer. I have learned so much from her! She has an incredible wealth of knowledge in healing using diet, energetic healing techniques, body work, and a positive mind set! I also really enjoyed her working directly on me with massage, energy healing, Reflexology, Shiatsu massage (especially the foot massage!). What a gift she is! Richard B., 7/27/19
Distance Coaching: Cancer and Other Serious Issues: Jill, My ENDOCRINOLOGIST is beside herself with joy. I am OFF ALL MEDS except occasional pain pills for my knees. Some days are so painful, especially during rain. I was on NSAIDS for 10 years. I have NO SUGAR ISSUES, NO CHOLESTEROL, NO THYROID and NO BLOOD PRESSURE ISSUES. I have lost #74 lbs since i saw her in late 2016. THE ONLY THING LOW was VITAMIN D. My CT SCAN and PET SCAN were not too scary. No new growth evident, but some swelling in lymph in groin and less in arm pits. So, basically I’m 8 months post op from hysterectomy, and I’m NOT WORSE! Actually, I’M STARTING TO FEEL GOOD, better than before. My weight is at a standstill right now. #240 down from #305 when we started.

Michele P., CA 2018

After seeing you, I found a new gynecologist in Fort Lauderdale, who did a colposcopy, so she took little samples from different parts of my cervix and according to the results, it was the lowest level or level 0. with abnormal cells but no cancer. But once i showed her the previous results from the pap smear, she looked confused!! She said it was impossible for me to show such improvement in so little time!!! I just laughed inside (I know it’s very possible)! And, of course, now she wants to do a cone biopsy, which cuts a bigger chunk of the cervix in a cone shape and sends it for examination. As of now, i will not allow any more cutting but I will be following up with a pap smear again soon. Until then, I am vegetarian, vegan was very difficult, I am green juicing, doing your vitamin c and chorella, and pancreatic enzymes and continuing with the coffee enemas. Above all, trying to keep a positive outlook, because as you taught me , it all about what’s in the mind that matters most. Hope you are also doing well.

Ivy, Port St. Lucie, FL Age 43 – February, 2017

Distance Coaching Client: I came to Jill in a state of distress about some spotting I had been experiencing for several weeks. The doctors were very concerned and wanted me to have a PAP test and abdominal exam to rule out cervical cancer. This only added to my distress as I had experienced a painful PAP 10 years ago and the barbaric ‘scraping’ of my insides will forever be etched in my mind. After just one session Jill had me realize that my fears and anxieties were my main problem and that we can create health in our mind. Through the use of the monkey mind analogy, she enabled me to filter the garbage from reality and helped me create a healthy reality which still persists today. 4 months on and I am completely ‘spot’ free and my cycle is bang on 28 days regular. I have also been able to tune into my body in ways that I never did before, ‘feel out’ it’s state and send love to the areas that need it most. Jill is truly inspirational and gave me hope and reassurance at a desperate time when I needed it most. There is another way of looking at health beyond the limitations and tests that conventional medicine tries to force on us.

Victoria M, London, England, UK 2018

OLD FRIEND AND CLIENT: I have enjoyed Jill’s company since the ’70s, singing on her cable TV shows, sharing joyous celebrations, and discussing health and vitality. Jill’s passion and dedication is to help improve your health, targeting any issues you are concerned about; body, mind and soul. Don’t hesitate to contact her and receive practical steps to attain your goals. Get uplifted by obtaining positive results. I love her very much and deeply appreciate the care and sincerity she devotes to all of us. You’ll be in the best of hands, while having fun and she may even sing you a song or two! Linda Pollock, LOVE AND MAGIC, 2018
Jill Schneider is a veritable change-agent, a warm and special person who truly changes people’s lives. Through her own challenging experience, beating an advanced cancer with natural treatments and therapies, combined with her life-long pursuit of evidence-based knowledge to help improve and transform the health of humanity, she has proven to be a life saver. For those of you who are fortunate enough to work with Jill, and hear her “pearls of wisdom,” and adhere to her guidance and health promoting lessons, you should be able to alter the path of your current health and find renewed health and, consequently, greater happiness. Jill is one of the rare and authentic people, who truly care.

Rick Shapiro, Scottsdale, AZ, Researcher for Alternative Solutions to Cancer, Author of Hope Never Dies, Coming Soon on Amazon,  2017

Ms. Jill Schneider has been my personal mentor, teaching me much over the years about diet and health. During that time, I have transformed myself into a healthy vegan. Jill has broadened my vision on alternative health solutions to challenges that we all shall face, if we live long enough. She has literally increased my knowledge of the various options available to us in the holistic approach to health and vitality. I highly recommend Jill as a coach for alternative health solutions.

Calowise n’Gurumo 1/11/2018

Dear Jill, I came across your video with Chris Wark on the internet. After watching your interview with him, I was so inspired and decided to reach out to you and call. During our conversation, I was blown away at your willingness to help others and how you embody the mind, body and spirit while encouraging, supporting and coaching others in their detox and healing journey. So many people can benefit from what you have to offer, and your consultations are reasonably priced. Our bodies are created to heal on their own if we just get out of the way and give it what needs. You provide the tools to help those that want to choose a more holistic and natural approach in helping the body heal. I highly recommend you.

With sincerest regards, Corrine 2017 (Kansas City)

For anyone looking to transform their health and their thinking, Jill Schneider is a gift from heaven. Jill understands what it takes to maintain or recover good health. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and can lead you to the promised land of health and well-being. Jill has walked the walk. She is a cancer survivor through a holistic approach that avoided the poisons and mutilation of conventional medicine. Frankly, she knows far more than most doctors I have known about wellness. Her office is the sundrenched beach of Delray Beach, Florida. I encouraged anyone who wants to change their life and get healthy to contact this spectacular person for a consultation.

Sincerely, G. Dino Tolias, DDS 1/17

I spent a week under the guidance of Jill Schneider for the purpose of rejuvenating both my body and mind. And it worked! We started our day and ended with homemade juice made from organic fruits and vegetables. Our days consisted of long walks on the beach, expert massages by Jill herself, yoga and local exploration of the Melbourne Beach area. One day we visited a local turtle sanctuary! I was a stressed-out executive that needed rest of the body and mind. I received the rejuvenation that I needed. I lost 9 pounds. My blood pressure has stabilized and medicine has been decreased. My digestive system corrected itself. A month later I have maintained a 7-pound weight loss and basically a vegan diet. This all stemmed from one week of Fasting with Jill. I will be doing the same process again within six months. If you are looking for a transformation, I would suggest you get on her calendar quickly.

Angela, October, 2016

Melbourne Beach – 5 Day Master Cleanser Retreat I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jill, Anabella and Sara on a retreat for a master cleanse that Jill had organized. I had been to the doctors 5 times in the last 3 months, trying to figure out why I was in a constant state of asthma attack. I had already been using an inhaler for the past 6 months daily, and now my doctor was having me use a breathing machine twice a day. I was barely breathing, very sad, and no energy at all! I had been following Jill’s work many years ago and searched for her. We all met at Indiatlantic Beach near Melbourne Beach, Florida, and began the cleanse. It was a beautiful experience, in a beautiful place and with beautiful people!! I had my machine and inhalers with me but did not want to use them, it was not the kind of quality of life I wanted. By Tuesday I was breathing ok, not feeling great because my body was starting to detox. On Wednesday, I starting coming back to life again! Thursday, I looked like a new woman and felt great! I had more energy than ever. Breathing was normal and I was recovering. When home on Friday afternoon, I stayed with master cleanse, broth and juices for a few more days. I could not have done it by myself, when you feel that bad, you need someone to support and encourage you to keep going. Jill is fabulous with her support, coaching, massage, reflexology, it’s what facilitated my healing. I feel it is was a miracle. Thank you, Jill. and thank you to the lovely women who joined me on this retreat, they made the experience that more wonderful!!

Susan Bez 9/4/2016

I just finished my third, five-day juice fast with Jill at the Cranes Beach House in Delray Beach, Florida. A beautiful boutique hotel that is immaculate and lovely! Once again, it was an amazing experience and that’s why I keep coming back to fast with Jill. I have fasted alone and in large and small group settings in the past, but none of those fasting experiences can compare to a juice fast with Jill. She attended to my every need and paid attention to minute detail to ensure that I was comfortable and getting the most of out of my fasting experience. She gave me 100% of her undivided attention. A week of juice fasting can be an amazing experience if you are getting great juices. That is not always the case when you sign up for a fast. Jill Schneider’s juices are out of this world!! The amount and assortment of nutritious, organic, handpicked fruits and vegetables that she puts into each juice is amazing. She meticulously makes each juice specifically to target your health goals and needs. She is knowledgeable as to the benefits of each choice she adds to the juices. Between her smoothies and her own special, delicious broth recipe, I did not even feel hungry. By the end of the 5 days my body was humming!! I felt raised to a different level physically. I gently detoxed, lost that added weight and reset my palette. I could not have asked for a more supported fasting experience with my own personal health coach to guide me every step of the way. She is a licensed massage therapist and performed body work treatments with massage therapy and reflexology. Also, she used an Acupressure Meridian Tool to work on a very painful area in my neck. I was actually in physical therapy for that neck pain with no relief. After Jill’s treatment on my neck, I was pain free and have since discontinue my physical therapy treatment.  Jill is a gifted healer with a mecca of knowledge in juice fasting and holistic living. She is a grateful, loving and generous person, who is willing to share everything she has learned along her life path to assist others in their healing process and desire to live a healthy life. The continued benefits of my fasting experience with Jill have carried through past the fasting experience and I have integrated them into my everyday life. I don’t want to put bad foods into my body and I feel super – conscious as to what I am eating. Fasting can be life changing if you are ready and I highly recommend that experience to be with Jill from Circle of Life!!

Thank you, Jill I am forever grateful to you. Debra P. RN, 05/28/2018

I had the pleasure of working with Jill for several years while I was the front desk manager of a hotel where her clients stayed during their retreats. I always enjoyed meeting her guests and watching their dramatic transformations occur. Many times, her clients would arrive looking sick, miserable, or frustrated with life in general. I would often personally see to their checks ins and tours of the property because I could tell that they were not feeling well or in a delicate emotional state. I would check on them often during their stays, and I enjoyed watching the gradual shift in their physical and mental health occur. By day three or four, I could visibly see the color return to their faces. Some of the grumpiest of the bunch would become unrecognizable now that they were finally smiling! At check out, it was always a delight to hear about what an amazing time they had during their retreats. Some were excited that they had lost weight and felt physically better, while others had experienced a drastic improvement in attitude and mental clarity. I fully believe that these people had life changing experiences during their time with Jill. Jill Schneider has a wealth of information about juicing, self-healing, and clean/green living. She has shared advice with me on treating my own auto-immune condition and the instructions have always been beneficial. When I went down my own path of juicing, yoga, and meditation, her unique advice and time-tested recipes were a big help. I had already researched quite a bit on my own on sites like MindBodyGreen and by watching documentaries, but Jill’s advice was special. I felt comfortable asking her questions that I would not want to leave on a message board, and I felt that much of her knowledge was gained through experience and trying out techniques herself. I also have gotten to sample several of the juices and broths that Jill made personally, and they were delicious and energy boosting. I confidently recommend her services to friends and family and was happy to write this glowing personal review of her talent and services.

Tara B., 12/15 (As of 2021, Tara has just given birth to her second child.)

Distance Coaching:

I am blown away by the fact that I actually stuck to the juice fast just with Jill’s help over the phone. Amazing. I would have caved in for sure without her help. Jill has a unique talent to get down to business and figure out why I treat myself so badly and then, to help me truly make a commitment to getting healthy and happy. I have a renewed strength and positive outlook, which she contagiously passed on to me. Thank you, Jill, you have made a major dent in this girl’s head, heart and spirit.

Sue D. NYC, 7/2016

I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my eighty-year-old Dad. I know that he felt better working with you and I think this is exactly what he was looking for. I also want to thank you for guiding and educating us in diet and nutrition. We learned a lot from you. You are a wealth of information and I wish we could have had more time with you. I’m grateful that I was able to be a part of this journey with my Dad and feel blessed that I was also able to receive help in changing my lifestyle. I know this takes daily conscious effort and intention. I’m trying to be aware of eating slower, chewing longer and being much more selective with foods. Thank you again.

Laura D., 01/16

Distance Coaching: From 2000

Jill, you probably don’t recall…but I certainly do – you changed my life! About 15 years ago I had some cervical cancer issues and had reached out to you. You were kind enough to take my call and tell me all about your journey…after which…I started juicing, doing colonics and reversed the cellular changes/cancer. After everything became normal again, I even went on to do an Ironman triathlon on green juices! And here I am 15 years on still “clean” (although must admit I lead more of a “normal” diet – although hopefully healthier than average). So yes, I am forever, ever, ever grateful for your wisdom and kindness. You really did change my life and are truly special and inspirational!  I had lots of fear – and all my family and friends were against it, but the conviction in your voice led me to believe it just had to work…or was worth trying (and within 3 months the doctors could already see the cells changing). So – I know I keep saying it – but I truly am so grateful.

Melanie A., 9/2015 New York City

Dear Jill, our time together for 5 days was more than I could have ever anticipated. You are so cool. My family is thrilled to see me happy with myself and my new health realizations. I look forward to coming back, once a year to even learn more from you. Your juices are really good. Thanks for the recipes. Your smoothies are very filling and kept me so satisfied during the retreat. Thanks for everything.

Sandy T., 06/2015

Distance Coaching Client: Jeffrey insisted on fasting on water, but I encourage him to at least use some fresh lemon. He’s still on track. God Bless. Jill, I want to express my appreciation for the motivation, knowledge, positive spirit and commitment that you’ve shared with me during my fast. I am now in day 7 of my 17- day water fast, and you have contributed significantly to my success thus far. Speaking with you over the phone, texting, and emailing has proven to be a successful method of keeping me on track to meet my goals. I have lost approximate 20 pounds in the first 7 days and anticipate losing 40 by the end of the fast. More than the weight loss, the changing of my mindset relative to a healthy lifestyle, consisting of eating organic food, controlling portion sizes, and loving and respecting my body is the major benefit that I have realized from our relationship. Thank you so much! You’ve helped to change my life!

Jeffrey G. 6/2015

Thank you Jill for the wonderful experience for my 7 day retreat stay. I loved the location and the hotel. Most of all, I lost 7 pounds and was not hungry! After having been to other raw / juice detox spas, I now realize that I was “ under juiced” at the spas! I now realize that the juice cleanses I used to buy for 2-3 days at a time, were expensive and not enough juices provided! One of my big takeaways is that we do not have to go hungry. Yes, we will have cravings, but not hunger. Although my detox symptoms were mild, I believe that the juices that you provided were carefully thought out in order to reduce my symptoms. You were also so knowledgeable and caring. The whole experience was great, the days were full of joyful activities such as walking on the beach and the salt room. I learned much about the all aspects of healthy life style.

Patricia T., 4/2015

I miss you as well and have been remembering you every time I take a deep breath, or walk with my pelvis tilted in power stance! I learned so much in our time together – about the importance of giving ourselves the best, in power foods, in attention, in our focus. Balance is so important in life, and I feel our time together was my re-start button for love and balance in my life. To remember that I am special, I need to take care of my self and that God loves me as I am. I love your song…”I believe it’s my time”….and yes, it is. Thank you for everything most sincerely. Your knowledge and your resources are phenomenal. And you are a joy. I look forward to keeping in close touch so we can keep up with the important things in life.

Hugs, Jennifer K, 3/2015 (Day Client from Delray Beach).

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! After a year of unexplained rashes and headaches, multiple rounds of steroids and creams, and just feeling hopeless, I decided it was time to hit the “reset button” with a cleanse. I had the amazing opportunity to spend 5 days with you juicing, learning and healing. When I got home, I had lost 7 pounds, but more importantly I feel better than I have in years – focused, energetic and full of hope. My skin cleared up and my whole body and mind just seem to be functioning better. The personal, one-on-one attention you gave made all of the difference – you customized the juices for me, you encouraged me when I wanted to give up, and you educated me on nutrition, raw food and colon health. I went out right away and bought a juicer and my husband has joined me in making juicing an important part of our daily lives. I will be eternally grateful to you for the power and motivation to make the necessary changes I needed to become a healthier and happier person. I plan on coming back to do a juice fast with you ever year!

1/15, Kelly Mason

CEO & Co-Owner

Morningside House Senior Living

Dear Jill, Thank you for the AMAZING day at your Healing Retreat! All it took me was one profound day of juicing and getting on your Chi Machine and Inversion Machine to really get the healing process started! Now I am Juicing and eating Healthy and have a deeper understanding of how IMPORTANT what you do is to heal the world. Thank you for holding the SPACE!!! Highest Recommendation.

Cantor David Moses Presler, MS, SC www.davidpresler.com, 2015

More than anything, I needed a rest. The fast took me to a place where I had no more excuses. I did the Pre-fast and Jill saw how it made the week with her so much more productive. I feel like I did many years ago as a much younger woman. My juicer and blender are on automatic.

Beverly, December, 2014

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