After a month of rough traveling through Northern Ecuador’s extraordinary indigenous regions in August 2019, I returned home to my condo in Delray Beach, FL USA. Hurricane Dorian was being tracked on the news, so I “battened down the hatches” with provisions I would need for at least a week, but you know I have much more. I have no fear of hurricanes since I’m a good prepper. I love the power going down so I can see the stars at night. When I saw this hurricane stalling over my favorite Bahamian Islands for five days straight, I knew manufactured weather weapons were probable. There is plenty of research on how the military has been scientifically applying these weapons for years. Yes, wake up—time to heal ourselves. I can help you.

My uneasiness about Florida had grown after 46 years of residing there. The South Florida weather appeared to be getting hotter than hell. I would ride my bike in a wilderness area every winter for twenty years, but now there were only a few weeks of cooler weather for me to do that. There was a time when you could open sliding glass doors to feel a slight coolness and even wear a sweater and jeans. I lived in this community for twenty years, during much of which I oversaw my elderly parents, two blocks away. It was convenient and reasonable in cost. But during that Ecuador trip, I sensed a longing for a four-season lifestyle, a tribe of folks who like to hike, grow food, bake bread, make soup from the farmer’s vegetables, play music with other musicians, and live our lives practically.

The Ecuador trip through the mountains and rainforests gave me a premonition that a move was approaching. I had lived close to my parents when they were alive and watched over them until they both passed. The energy of bingo, chlorine pools, and fearful masked people didn’t match my values and adventuresome spirit. I always loved the ocean and the beach. I was a retreat director for individuals and small groups, teaching people how to fast on juices, take massages, take them for colon hydrotherapy, and leave them to spend time at the beach. The ocean was getting sick with red tide, no longer just on the West Coast of Florida, and that was a clear sign that I had to stay away.

I was considering moving to the North Carolina mountains, which are not as high as Ecuador and not too far away from my family, by a short plane ride. I checked out Asheville initially, but I couldn’t afford the prices. I then found a lovely condo on Facebook Marketplace in a country club community near a small town outside Asheville. I contacted the seller, and we texted for about a month. When I got him down to a much better price, precisely for what I eventually sold my Delray Beach condo, I flew up and bought it. The owner gave me a personal loan for half the price while waiting for me to sell my Florida property.

Meant to Be. mp3

I don’t believe in God and don’t practice religion or any brainwashing that comes with it, but I completely trust the love that breathes life into my being. I know God. I don’t have to believe in it. So even though my move to North Carolina in March 2020 was a momentous schlep, I was ready for it. I happily lived on a mountaintop overlooking Western North Carolina’s crystalline Appalachian Mountains. I didn’t fear any virus since it was never proven or isolated, and I didn’t see or hear about people getting sick in those early days. It was flu season. I questioned the lower number of people affected by the flu and the rising Covid19 cases using a PCR test. Kary Mullis, the inventor and Nobel Prize winner for his invention, expressed that it was not to be used to test people for Covid.

The furnished condo with its comfortable solid furniture and Pier One accessories couldn’t have been a better match for me. I still pinch myself every day for being here. The day I signed the contract, I met John Dimao, a neighbor living next door, above me. He was a retired dentist from upstate New York and quite a character at 97 years of age. Meeting John gave me confidence that I would be fine at my spunky age of 75 years young to manage the very intense driving on mountain roads and living through winter. So, everything was in place to feel the goodness of the change. What Covid19 and the move handed over to me was time to heal, write songs and stories, and record an album in my Revolutionary Healer recording studio, also used as my master closet and even a command bunker.

I keep my heightened animal instinct intact with some protective devices close at hand as I walk alone on these mountain roads. I certainly respect the few families of bears with whom I share this mountain paradise. These are gorgeous creatures, so I politely announce my presence by telling them that I love them and that they don’t need to show themselves or their babies to me as I walk in their wilderness.

I adjusted beautifully to the friendly people, the opportunities, and the farkakte (“fucked up” in Yiddish) virus situation which was at hand. I even researched on our government’s site an abstract that compares the symptoms of Covid to those of Radiation Poisoning. It shows that the symptoms are the same. After researching the “virus” from well-respected doctors, I took off my mask. We must realize that 5G from our devices causes high levels of radiation exposure. The cell towers were installed worldwide before and even during the original lockdown. The major cities with the most WIFI towers were Wuhan, Milan, New York City, and LA. These were the cities with the most “cases.” The fear was purposely there to control and keep us compliant and nervous.

How does RAGE come into the picture you are describing? I realized that it came out of the complete disregard I received for not agreeing to the doctor’s dangerous surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. His indoctrination went so deep, embedded with a disgraceful reaction of righteousness, that he couldn’t believe this little pipsqueak was questioning everything he knew to be true. I walked out of his office and congratulated myself for protecting my sovereignty. RAGE, born of the womb, is our God-given ultimate power, without fucking apology. It frees up our actual being, granting us permission to understand and know each moment of our existence.

We are living through a war of Truth vs. Lies. RAGE is not harmful in this manner of usage. Instead, it’s the crucial protection we need to confront ignorance by simply walking away. Cancer is a chronic inflammatory disease due to a lifestyle of drama, trauma, stress, toxic air and water, dehydration, exhaustion, and malnutrition. Our medical system does not recognize this commonsense information. If they can’t understand how nutrition affects the composition of the blood, then what do they know? How could they ever have been trusted? I am indebted to those doctors, men, and women who provide excellent emergency care.

You are responsible for doing everything naturally and seeing how our body responds. It will not be that difficult. Trust me. If you want to live the life of your dreams, you will have to make some sacrifices. How can gorgeous food, healing treatments, simple movement, breathing more profoundly, less technology, and more rest be sacrificed? I think it’s the other way around. Living an unnatural life is sacrificing our health for fake relationships and lives you don’t need.

This audio, ebook, and book along with my original music will hopefully elicit a willingness to learn what you can do for yourself. Reignite your power first. This organic proficiency of inner RAGE is a timeless quilt, with handmade stitches of the strength we need to do the real healing work for ourselves first and foremost.

I’m the school teacher who always cared about the children, not the grades, so don’t worry. Don’t hesitate to get a free consult and sign up for my newsletters. Start with what you feel and know that deep inside of you is a place of great love, better than any fake and dangerous medicine or treatment. When people tell me that they have had chemotherapy and more, and then cancer came back, why the fuck would you go back for more of something that didn’t work the first time. I pray that you want to learn and join me with the opportunity to solve these issues and get as far as you can from the people who are ready and willing to kill you.

My ultimate intention is to help you question these challenges with clarity of mind, body, and spirit. My voracious appetite for life pinpoints some of the rocky and root parts of the trail. Just being smart, I traverse the mountain more gracefully and securely using my hiking poles. While investigating and improving my abilities on all levels, I coach, hike, cook, create, play music, plant herbs on my porch and write words to educate and inspire others. This inner perception has been my most authentic guide, and I hope it will guide you to rarified moment-to-moment opportunities constructive to your individual needs. We must go beyond the programmed ideas put into our minds by schools, media, and fearful ill-informed people.

I healed myself of malignant cervical cancer in 1975, using one-pointedness and ancient ways of healing, such as sunshine, walking, breathing, and eating just brown rice for ten days initially was the prescription. I was steadfastly unafraid and armed with enough chutzpah (Yiddish for “balls,” Spanish for “cojones”) as a Florida retirement community’s five-table full cardroom of Jewish Grandmothers. I decided not to listen to the doctors in their purposeful foreign tongue, whom I wouldn’t trust to help me schlep my guitar to my car, let alone take a sharp knife to my precious body.

Throughout this memoir, you will learn how I became outrageously noncompliant, standing up for my sovereignty like a trooper. My Yancey County’s Sheriff agreed with me about not getting the jab. He didn’t either. I went to see him ask him if I had anything to be concerned about someone coming to my door. I knew then that I was in a secure and safe place.

I realized early on that I have the brain to figure out just about anything without the internet, someone else’s help, and even a book. Since my dad gave me an electric drill forty years ago, I have a closet full of electric and regular tools. Fixing disposals is a specialty because it is so easy that I knew I would never lose eighty bucks again for a plumber. If I was stupid enough to put alfalfa sprouts in my disposal without thinking, then I better have this guy show me exactly what he was doing and using. I have some electric devices by my bedside, which improve other things.

The road map I followed was set before me by many different people, places, cultures, experiences, and infusions of ancient knowledge, which arrived on-demand from within my heart and soul. I have always lived by the seat of my pants, with my life purpose behind every action. Hopefully, these stories about my life will inspire you to trust yourself and get down to what is at hand, called your life. What leads you down your best path? Please stop here and think about this.

Anyone can access healing wisdom when they decide to put themselves in literally the hands of God. One must realize that this body will not last forever. Still, let’s take responsibility for listening to what our bodies, minds, and spirits are saying to us. We will know more about this miracle of being human and will always make it possible to heal ourselves throughout our lifetime unless the medical emergency team must put something back that just fell off. We are not just our genes or our family’s history of diseases. We are individual souls, which makes eternal Truth possible, so one way or the other, I know I will get to hang out either on or off the planet. Oy Vey!

I presented my spoken story at alternative cancer conferences, created a website with my account, and reached coaching clients seeking some direction. I was published in a short article for Natural Health Magazine in 1995 and a chapter in Ariel Ford’s book Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul in 1998. Dr. Kelly Turner wrote about me in her book Radical Hope in 2020. Some well-known authors and teachers in the Alternative Cancer world, such as Chris Wark and his Square One Program, Ty and Charlene Bollinger and The Truth About Cancer, and many other holistic and alternative health leaders interviewed me to hear my story. Anything harsh, toxic, and not aligned with your beliefs must be questioned and probably let go. Let this book plant a seed of hope for you and, at the very least, a few good laughs.

This cancer diagnosis surprised me, changing my life’s trajectory for the better. I knew that I could take care of this situation with simple methods incorporated into my daily life. I always wanted to write about this diagnosis and how it healed. Covid19 became my reason to set the record straight by finally writing my story. I hope you get some nuggets of wisdom to follow.