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Alternative Cancer Coach

Jill Ayn Schneider is a rare bird. At 77 years old, she amazes her family, friends, and global health clients. Her early career in teaching elementary students gave her a relaxed introduction to authentic communication. Her teaching focused on storytelling, music, and hands-on learning for her young students. She has been a musician and singer/songwriter all these years, recording original music and teaching through live performances. 

Jill is an author of an upcoming memoir, a blog, and audio interviews teaching how she healed a cancer diagnosis in 1975 without Western protocols. Jill Ayn’s voice has remained ageless. Most people think she’s in her 50s at the most. Being a singer has created that gift.

Samples of her voice: -Short written article from Susan Dunham, a Canadian Writer.

More to come…..

Equipment: Over the past five years, Jill Ayn has learned to record and edit with Logic Pro X and operates from her mountain recording studio in Burnsville, NC. She uses a Warm Audio high-end microphone and an M-Audio Interface.

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