Air and Breathing:

1- Our 1st food and most essential food.

2- Way to relax and calm yourself

3- Way to attune yourself to the Life Force which breathe you.

4- Takes oxygen from the air to distribute throughout your entire body.

5- The deeper and more full your breath – the healthier you will be.


1- Our 2nd food – 70 % of our body is water.

2- Blood is 45% water

3- Best to drink 8 glass of 8 oz of water per day.

4- Maximizes physical performance.

5- Effects energy levels and brain functions.

6- Relieves constipation and can aid weight loss


1- Bodies produce Vitamin D with 15 minutes of exposure

2- Vitamin D helps your body maintain calcium making stronger bones

3- Sun helps the body absorb the calcium

4- Mood enhances by relieving stress

5- Higher quality sleep – serotonin from the sun’s rays – works in tandem with melatonin.

6- Lowers Blood Pressure

Organic Food:

1- Contains fewer pesticides

2- Fresher

3- Better for the environment

4- Richer in nutrients

5- GMO Free


1- Blood Pressure lowers – healthier heart

2- Stay at healthy weight

3- Reduces stress and improves mood

4- Clearer thinking and improves memory

5- Boosts your immune system