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Fearlessness is Jill Ayn's middle name. In 1975, she healed herself of malignant cervical cancer using only holistic protocols. Learn more at jillaynschneider.com. Get a free consult once you sign up at this website.

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Jill Ayn Schneider is The Revolutionary Healer. Her Memoir’s theme is about healing myself of malignant cervical cancer in 1975 with only natural diet protocols, herbs, and acupuncture. I write and speak about a soulful upbringing by an angel called “Bea”, our part African American, part Cherokee and part German Jewish housekeeper from my young age of two to twelve. I studied meditation with a Teacher in India two years earlier, where I traveled on my own with a deep intention of finding how to access peace from within myself.

I had never had children. I was studying Chinese Medicine coincidentally, so I decided to follow professor Dr. Ralph Alan Dale’s suggestions for this dire situation. I used Meditation, Macrobiotics, Acupuncture, and Herbs, along with prayer. After only a month, I went for a second opinion, and the test showed that I had already improved.

Alternative Cancer Coach
Alternative Cancer Coach for the past 35 years.

I had to leave the country to be able to rest and continue with my process. I landed in South America for six months, traveling and living on $5.00 daily. I hardly even thought about cancer during this exciting journey with a dear friend. I returned to the USA after six months and found that the PAP test was normal. Two years later, I gave birth to my son, Aaron. He has made me a grandmother to two precious girls.  

During this plandemic time, I moved to the mountains in North Carolina. My fasting healing retreat business of thirty years was completely shut down, so I sat myself down to write my story. My RAGE about medicine’s fake protocols had a place in my healing process. Most people realize that allopathic medicine for chronic diseases is just a business, but they don’t know where else to go. I’m hoping to find the brave people who are now ready to learn about real healing. I also knew that Covid19 was a planned bioweapon. As I researched what was going on around the world, from Wuhan to North Carolina in my little mountain town, the RAGE fired me up to feel the evil.


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Did you like this?

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Nature’s beauty is a huge part of healing ourselves. Even if you live in a city, make sure you have safe access to parks and botanical gardens to witness and breathe in the delightful feeling of God’s presence.

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Hello Self-Healers

In 1966, just after college graduation, before beginning a school teaching career, I picked up a guitar and took ten lessons. Wow! Folk music was quite popular in those years, so I had much beautiful music being played on popular radio, which inspired me to learn.