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Nature's beauty is a huge part of healing ourselves. Even if you live in a city, make sure you have safe access to parks and botanical gardens to witness and breathe in the delightful feeling of God's presence.

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Our natural environment is a huge part of restoring and building our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience. This is a photo of where I live. It’s a uniquely beautiful mountainous community in the middle of a national forest called Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. I had been in a little condo in Delray Beach, FL, for twenty years. I enjoyed the flatland, where I could ride a bike on a dirt road and, on other days, jump into the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

After a month-long journey in northern Ecuador, a strong urge came over me to leave Florida. Mountains were calling me. I had grown up in a four-season climate, and it felt like I wanted seasons, changes, and coolness like never before.

In March 2020, our world went into a lockdown like never before.  I knew something way beyond a virus was at hand. I stayed focused on my intuitive talents to be able to know where to get the actual truth.

Here is a song called Every Game in the Book, which I composed, am singing and playing guitar on.

Did you like this?

Did you like this?

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Jill Ayn Schneider Performance

Hello Self-Healers

In 1966, just after college graduation, before beginning a school teaching career, I picked up a guitar and took ten lessons. Wow! Folk music was quite popular in those years, so I had much beautiful music being played on popular radio, which inspired me to learn.


Hello Self-Healers

Fearlessness is Jill Ayn’s middle name. In 1975, she healed herself of malignant cervical cancer using only holistic protocols. Learn more at jillaynschneider.com. Get a free consult once you sign up at this website.