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Jill Ayn Schneider, Owner and Director

An Autobiography of a Revolutionary Healer has come at the most perfect time, even though the healing  was accomplished 45 years ago. At 75, Jill is a Healer, Intuitive/Medium, Detox Specialist  and Retreat Leader. Her Elder status is completely attuned to the universal life force, as it should be. Her audience is anyone who can laugh. It’s a funny book too! This New Yorker couldn’t help from bringing up a bit of Jewish and Yiddish humor to keep you focused on enjoyment.

Her Healing Music is included in the Audiobook. She is in the studio in her Burnsville, North Carolina home right now finishing the editing and preparing for this audiobook to be recorded. Covid has pushed her buttons to study more audio engineering, getting her guitar chops honed, new callouses on her fingers  and improving her vocals for singing and narration.

Leave it to Jill to find a great artist for this cover, Nicola Tomlin, in London and a Graphic Designer, Evelyn Conte, in Florida. Thank to technology’s amazing communication opportunities to pull this off. Her editor, Penelope Love, of Citrine Publishing, is on it to move this project along as well. She was one of the editors for The Chicken Soul for the Soul series.

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Circle of Life Publishing Company, LLC is proud to announce an upcoming e-book called 5 – Day Juice Detox: Cleansing and Cancer.  Jill is so passionate about how important it is to get real information about how the body can heal itself. After Jill healed herself ofher Malignant Cervical Cancer in 1975, usually only natural protocols, she then went on to birth her son, Aaron, who has now made her a grandmother of two little girls who call her Nanny Ninja.

After 25 years or more of helping people to cleanse and detox, but just about anything dis-ease, Jill’s knowledge is now needed more than ever.  Step by step you will learn exactly what to do from your own home. Jill can help if you get stuck and need some coaching. This down to earth e-book will be her first actual publication and should be ready by November, 2020.

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