Jill Ayn Schneider, Alternative Cancer Coach

Jill Ayn Schneider became an elementary schoolteachers for seven years in New York State. In 1973, she found herself in Nepal and India, volunteering in a Tibetan Refugee School while practicing Meditation and Yoga.  

Returning to the United States in 1973, Jill Ayn moved to Miami, where she assisted the Director of the Miami Mental Health Association. In 1975, Jill Ayn was diagnosed with Malignant Cervical Cancer. Jill Ayn refused a Hysterectomy and all Allopathic Medicine. Instead, she opted for a natural approach to Oriental Medicine, seeing significant improvement in just one month. Then, she followed up with a 6-month journey through Venezuela and Peru, consulting with shamans, living in a jungle, and hiking in the Andes.

Jill Ayn never told her family. Her focus was to attune herself to an inner realm where God could guide her to the answers she needed to heal herself of this disease. It went into remission in August 1975. Two years later, she delivered her son after this diagnosis was cleared. Today, she is Nanny Ninja to her two grand-girls, ages 10 and 13. 

In 1981, Jill Ayn was hired in 1982 by the famous rock n’ roll musician, Bo Diddley, to work at his home/ranch in Hawthorne, FL. His encouragement to sing with and write memorable songs for children resulted in Jill’s ecological animated cartoon and comic book launched at the UN’s Ocean Summit in 2017, called Annie Sunbeam and Friends www.anniesunbeam.com

In the 1990s, back in Miami, Jill Ayn went on to treat Robin Williams and Nathan Lane while filming The Bird Cage in Miami Beach. Sarah Vaughn, Horace Grant “Chicago Bulls,” and hundreds of others appreciated Jill’s table massage and unique Barefoot Shiatsu bodywork. She is only 5’2″ and has a 9.5 shoe size. At 77, she is still practicing her art of Barefoot Shiatsu.

Jill Ayn relocated to Burnsville, North Carolina, in March 2020. She is a nature lover, hiking, preparing gorgeous organic food, and caring for herself. She is coaching individuals and groups using Zoom. Her free detox e-book will be sent to you when you add your email information into the box below. 

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