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From every aspect of her body, mind and spirit, Jill Ayn Schneider is in love with life.
She began with a BA in Education from The American University, Washington, DC, in 1966. After teaching elementary school for 7 years, using non-traditional approaches, she found herself in Nepal and India volunteering in a Tibetan Refugee School, while practicing Meditation and Yoga. 


Diagnosed with Malignant Cervical Cancer in February, 1975, Jill refused a Hysterectomy and all Allopathic Medicine. Instead, she opted for Oriental Medicine, seeing significant improvement in just one month. Then, she followed up with a 6 month journey through Venezuela and Peru, consulting with shamans, living in a jungle, and hiking in the Andes. Jill never told her family or owned this diagnosis. The cancer went into remission in August, 1975. Jill’s miracle son, Aaron, put a daily focus on the reality of motherhood in 1977. Today, she is Nanny Ninja to her two grand girls. 

In 1981, Jill trained in Barefoot Shiatsu with Ralph Ashodian, a Martial Artist in Gainesville, FL, and then further training with Shizuko Yamamoto, the Japanese woman who brought this art to the West. Mr. Bo Diddley, the rock n’ roll legend, was her first Barefoot Shiatsu client.

Jill graduated Educating Hands Massage School in Miami, and got licensed in the State of Florida (#MA9313) in 1988. Jill has been certified in Polarity, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Intra-Oral TMJ, Myofascial Release and Abdominal Massage. In the 1990’s Jill went on to treat Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, while they were filming The Bird Cage in Miami Beach. Sarah Vaughn, Horace Grant “Chicago Bulls” and hundreds of others also appreciated Jill’s table and Barefoot Shiatsu massage. Jill is small in stature, but for some reason, she has a women’s size 9-10.

Jill’s greatest heartfelt love is Music. Bo Diddley’s encouragement to work with children resulted in an ecological animated cartoon and comic book launched at the UN’s Ocean Summit in 2017, called Annie Sunbeam and Friends A comic book has been translated into 10 languages as it goes around the world digitally. She is the VP and Musical Director of Animo Grande Productions, Inc. for the future animated cartoon. Since the 1970’s Jill has been writing her own healing music. 

Time of Covid19: Jill has recently relocated to Burnsville, North Carolina. It was here in Burnsville, that Jill sensed her natural talent as a Medium . Subtle, yet powerful, when a troubled individual truly knows that their loved one is there for them, profound healing will happen. 

Jill is a lover of nature, hiking, preparing gorgeous food and taking the very best care of herself. Until her retreat clients can come to her special retreat in North Carolina, she will be teaching Online Retreats to groups using Zoom. Her free detox e-book will be sent to you when you add your email information into the box on the home page. Revolutionary Healer, is presently being edited with music for the audiobook version.

Jill Ayn Schneider, Director

Healed Cancer in 1975 Naturally

In 1975, Jill was diagnosed with Malignant Cervical Cancer. She was studying Oriental Theory of Medicine at the time. It was something that felt right to immediately adopt, in order to move forward with this diagnosis. Acupuncture, Herbs, Macrobiotics was new to the West in those days, but became quite popular with her friends, who were highly educated and also interested in health and healing. 
For Jill, this was a no brainer, since, she knew in her kishkas (Yiddish for gut), that she would heal this imbalance. Jill doesn’t hold on to other people’s fears, especially those in white coats. Love is all that is real. But, the only LOVE that really heals from the heart is from within oneself. 

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